Implementing Plain Language as a Strategic Priority
Limited enrolment. 

$360.00 CAD

Sarah Slabbert and Nadja Green, Plain Language Institute, South Africa will lead you through Implementing Plain Language as a Strategic Priority.

The focus of Plain Language actions is often on specific documents or pieces of communication. Implementing Plain Language in a systematic manner in an organization is, however, a different challenge for executives, compliance officers, communication managers or customer relations.

This course will empower you to make your organization truly customer- or citizen-centred. It comprises 6 modules:

  1. A framework for implementing Plain Language as a strategic priority

  2. Making a business case for Plain Language
  3. Developing a Plain Language strategy
  4. Implementing a strategic project
  5. Creating sustainable excitement for Plain Language
  6. Monitoring the process and demonstrating return on investment

The course runs online for 12 weeks. Once you have completed the course and the assignments to the satisfaction of the instructors, you will receive a Plain Language Certificate of completion.

Focus on Feedback

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Focus on Feedback provides guidance in understanding and applying this important component of the plain language process. Plain language requires that the reader be consulted in order to achieve successful communication. Through readability and user testing you learn whether the intended message has been expressed clearly for your audience. We provide explanations of practices giving you the opportunity to put them to work.