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We created to help you create clearer messages for people who want information they need, can access understand content, and act on messages. We also designed the courses on plain language principles: important for the reader, easy to understand, efficient to navigate and effective to turn into actions. Our goal is to continue to expand our course content, languages, and global access.

We love how our students from all over the world demonstrate skills, interact and give us feedback about our online, self-directed and instructor-supported courses. Join us for a great learning experience. Enhance existing skills or gain new ones, with a fresh, client-centred approach. Enjoy the feeling of writing cleaner, clearer, more accessible communications.

Our instructors will help you work through online courses with feedback and discussions. Advanced courses include a live session. Sharing connects you with other learners. We  also have Academies in Spanish (educlaro) and French (clair et simple) and are offering courses with global professionals. Find out more and get course registration links on

Enjoy being part of our online learning community. We look forward to working with you.

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Kate Harrison Whiteside, PLA Director and Facilitator